School?  Work?  Free time?   Where does the time go?  24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week.  How do you spend your time?  What if you could give one hour a week to do Good Works and help someone and that hour changed everything? 

One hour of your time out of 168 hours a week.  Doesn’t seem like much of a commitment.  

With Project LIFE you learn the power of one hour.  When you meet with a senior for 1 hour a week amazing things happen; to you, to them, to your friends and family, and their’s too.

Changing Lives One Hour A Week:  Just a one hour visit creates 3 hours of anticipation by the senior before your visit and 6 hours of their telling others about your visit followed by another 3 hours as the senior spends time in anticipation of your next visit.  The people the senior told tell others too which adds more hours.  Starting to see the impact?

Now, add to your one hour of time with the senior and add 3 more hours a week of you telling others about the visit and 6 hours of your thinking about and praying for the senior you visited and another 3 hours of your anticipation of the next visit.  Time is seriously building here.

Now, add in your friend who teamed up with you on the visit and their 1 hour plus 3 in telling others plus 6 thinking about and praying on the visit and plus 3 hours anticipating the next visit.  Now one hour leads to almost a day and a half worth of impact for you, your teammate and the one senior you met with.  Now we can see the power of an hour!

The positive impact of the hours on the mind, body and spirit is the true benefit!

Add to all of this the prayers related to the one hour visit and factor in the power of prayer.  You prayed twice during the visit, maybe twice before the visit, and maybe daily thereafter. 

Prayer is powerful.  Prayers bring the Holy Spirit into play.  Praying for another’s health and happiness combined with spending time with them is huge.  Many call this Double Evangelization where both you and the senior get fueled with faith! Thank you your interest in volunteering for Project LIFE. Thank you your interest in volunteering for Project LIFE. 

When you begin volunteering you will see how one hour a week will change lives.  No previous volunteer experience with seniors is required.   We want people with a good heart, the ability to learn how to communicate better, and a desire to help others.   Jesus wants us to be doers of good works in His name and as a volunteer for Project LIFE your gift of time will be rewarded many times over.  It is common that the real gift is received by volunteers from the seniors as their life story and faith journey is so rich and when shared becomes a very special experience for volunteers, one that will stay with them for a lifetime.    

Many Volunteers join as friends.  

If you can commit to one hour a week, have a strong interest in doing good works by helping others in service please email or call us, we will send you access to our online training. All Project L.I.F.E. volunteers go through a background check once training is completed.  Volunteers are 18 or older.

Email: Info@projectlifeca.org

Phone 714-612-0306