Project LIFE matches seniors in your Parish with young adult volunteers to do Good Works in His name.  What if your staff and parish ministries could access a no cost a program that will energize and evangelize those involved.  Project LIFE matches parish members in fellowship for one hour a week.  Our volunteers and staff handle everything and your budget is not impacted other than members benefiting and perhaps getting more involved at the church.  Project LIFE is a separate entity and has its own insurance, does all the background checks on volunteers, and pays its own bills and we make sure everyone involved knows we are independent from the church and not a church sponsored program so no liability exists for the church or parish.

We work with your staff and church members to identify seniors who live in their homes and need a little help with simple household chores along with socialization and fellowship with young adults from the church.  All young adults are trained before and during their commitment to Project Life and after each visit they are required to complete an evaluation form to confirm and summarize the visit.  Seniors whom are candidates include those who live at home and are able to care for themselves but need or desire socialization and fellowship.  Seniors often are referred by a church staff member.

The Power of One Hour:  Just a one hour visit creates 3 hours of anticipation by the senior before each visit and 6 hours of their telling others about the visit followed by another 3 hours as the senior spends time in anticipation of the next visit.  The people the senior shared their experience with adds more hours and when we add in the hours the two young adults spend in prayer, anticipation and sharing we see the power of one hour! 

The positive impact of the hours on the mind, body and spirit is the true benefit!

Our 5 minute video provides a look at the program go to to view the video. 

To learn how to launch Project LIFE at your parish or get your family involved please call or email.